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Alaskan Jumbo Scallops

• Alaskan Scallops are Sea Scallops; the largest of the 400 species worldwide.

• Americans generally eat only the abductor muscle of the scallop. This is
the disc-shaped white meat that connects a scallop’s tissue to it’s shell.

• Sea scallops have a sweet, flavorful taste and can be used in many pasta dishes as well as grilled or barbecued.

• Marketed as “dry” (75-79% water content) or “wet” ( 82-85% )

• The dry scallops generally cost about 20% more. These usually are an off-white color as opposed to the bright white of a wet scallop.

• Sold “IQF” or block frozen

• Ed’s typically sources a huge U/10 or U15 sized Dry Scallop from Bering Sea origin for its customers.

• Please call 1-800-982-2377 to place an order.