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Salmon and Halibut Species

There are five species of wild salmon in Alaska. Sockeye, or Red, is known for its ruby red color and its delicate flavor. King, or Chinook, is known for its full salmon flavor and high oil content. Coho, or Silver, is a delightfully delicate flavored fish with a light peach color. Keta, or Chum, is a mild flavored fish with a light pink color. Finally, the Pink, or the Humpy, tastes very similar to a trout.

There are no farmed salmon in Alaska! In fact it is illegal to farm salmon in Alaska. The salmon runs here in Alaska are very stable and should remain so into the future. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game manages the salmon runs on an individual stream basis. This means that each spawning stream has it's own unique escapement goal that must be reached before any fishing activities(sportfishing or commercial fishing)take place. If we continue in this fashion our salmn stocks are a sustianable natural resource that will be with us for many generations to come.

To learn more about each specie, click on the links below.

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Information about Wild Alaska Salmon:

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