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King Crab - Red

A delectable treat from the deep cold waters of the Bering Sea. King crab is fully cooked and ready to serve to your guests.

(Approx. 3/4 lb., size 6-9)

$184.75 (5 lbs.)
Item 2007


(Approx. 1/2 lb., size 9-12)

$174.75 (5 lbs.)
Item 2007-A


King Crab Leg Pieces
$114.75 (5 lbs.)
Item 2027


(Approx. 1-1.25 lb., size 4-7)

$209.75 (5 lbs.)
Item 2007-B


Fresh Frozen Jumbo Scallops

Item 2029

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These jumbo scallops will make your taste buds water. Wild caught scallops are sought after by the worlds finest gourmet chefs and are now available to the general public. Come in 1 lb. portions.

$26.95 (1 lb.) Item 2029


Alaska Wild Razor Clams

Item 2030

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Whether you like chowders or fritters these tender and moist clam steaks will make your mouth water. These razor clams are dug from the pristine waters of Cook Inlet and processed live. They are vacuum sealed and frozen into 1 pound packages.

$15.95 - (1 lb.) Item 2030



King Crab Dip

Item 3043
Alaskan Smoked Salmon Spread
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Our King Crab Dip is a unique blend of secret spices with a creamy base mixed with wild Alaskan King Crab meat. This delicious gourmet dip is best when served with crackers, breads, chips or with fresh vegetables.

$16.95 - (1 lb.) Item 3043


Fresh Frozen Large & Medium Scallops

Item 2028

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Large Scallops

$25.95 - (1 lb.) Item 2028



Medium Scallops

$24.95 - (1 lb.) Item 3035


Alaskan Jumbo & Large Spot Prawns

Items 2026 & 3026

South East Alaskan spot prawns are the premiere wild shrimp. These wild caught shrimp are as sweet as sugar. They come to you direct from Alaska headed and uncooked. These shrimp are vacuum packaged and frozen.Shipping weight 2 lbs.



$26.95 - (1 lb.)
Item 2026

Temporarily Out of Stock


$26.95 ( 1 lb.)
Item 3026

Temporarily Out of Stock

Lbs. $22.95 - (1 lb.)
Item 3028

Dungeness Crab

Item 2040

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A wild delicacy from the Pacific Northwest. Dungeness crab is fully cooked and ready to serve.

Whole Dungeness Crab - (Approx. 2.5 lbs. each)

$29.95 - (Crab) Item 2040

Lb .

Side Stripe Shrimp

Item 2038

Our new Prince William Sound side striped shrimp are sugary sweet! They are pot caught (Eco Friendly) and frozen on board the fishing vessel within minutes of capture. Excellent for deep frying or as cocktail shrimps. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

Temporarily Out of Stock

$14.95 - (1 lb.) Item 2038

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