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Fresh Frozen Cod Fillet

Wild Halibut
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A desirable white fish that is both mild flavored and moist. Cod is a reasonably priced alternative to halibut. Our pacific cod fillets are hand cut, vacuum sealed and frozen in 1 lb. portions.

$12.95 (1 lb.) Item 3037


Fresh Frozen Halibut Fillet

Item 2004-B/ 3004-D
Wild Halibut
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Enjoy the snowy white delicate flavored Alaska Halibut in the comfort or your home. Halibut is prized world wide for it's ease of preparation and gourmet taste. Cut into 8 to 12 oz. vacuum sealed portions.

$24.95 (1 lb.) Item 3004-B



Halibut Cheeks

$24.95 - (1 lb.) Item 3004-D


Fresh Frozen Black Cod Fillet

Item 3051


Also known as sablefish, Black Cod is harvested from the Gulf of Alaska & the Bering Sea. Black Cod has a high oil content making it a moist and delicious white fish. Hand Filleted, vacuum sealed and frozen in convenient 1 lb. packages.

$24.95 - (1 lb.) Item 3051


Fresh Frozen Salmon & Halibut

Item 2004 & 2016
Fresh Salmon and  Halibut
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An exceptional combination of freshly caught halibut and wild sockeye salmon fillets. A great Alaska sampler. One pound vacuum sealed portions.

$99.75 - (5 lbs.) Item 2016


Smoked Salmon & Halibut

Item 2006
Smoked Salmon and Halibut
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Premium wild salmon and delicate Alaskan halibut, smoked to perfection. Includes our Traditionally Smoked, Lemon Pepper and Cajun Spice. Cut into 6 to 8 oz. vacuum sealed portions.

$97.20 - (5 lbs.) Item 2006


Taste of Alaska

Item 2008
Alaska Salmon and Seafood
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A unique variety of wild Alaskan Seafoods. Includes 1 lb. of smoked salmon spread, 1 lb. of smoked salmon, 1 lb. of smoked halibut, 1 lb. of fresh frozen salmon, 1 lb. of fresh frozen halibut and 1 lb. of Nova lox. Cut into 6 to 8 oz. vacuum sealed portions.

$196.95 - (6 lbs.) Item 2008


Smoked Halibut

Item 2009 & 2009-A
Smoked Salmon
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Smoked Halibut is a succulent white-fleshed fish lightly smoked and guaranteed to tease your taste buds with lemon pepper, and cajun spice. Cut in 6 to 8 oz. vacuum sealed portions.

$139.75 - (5 lbs.) Item 2009



$69.75 - (2.5 lbs.) Item 2009-A


Smoked Black Cod

Item 3052
Black Cod


A delicate white fish lightly smoked with alder wood for a rustic gourmet flavor. Black cod (or Sablefish) is known for its high oil content making for a deliciously moist smoked fillet!

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