Valentines Day Special

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Valentines Day Special Includes:

2- Giant King Crab Claws (Over 1# each)
1# Scallops
1 Portion Alaskan Rockfish (Sizes Vary from .75# to 1.2# per Portion)
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Make this a very memorable Valentines. Start off with the largest King Crab Claws you have ever seen. This amazing shellfish is highly sought after for its sweet and luscious white meat. Our King Crab claws come large, fresh and sure to impress. This gorgeous Red King Crab is caught in the glacier fed waters of the Arctic. If you’ve got the craving, stock up because you have never had better!

Next we have our Scallops they set the standard for excellence when it comes to this divine shellfish. They are soft and fleshy in texture with a delicate and mildly sweet flavor. Prepare them in a seafood fettuccine or sear them in a skillet.

Then don’t forget our Rockfish these delicious whitefish fillets are super sweet and tender and perfect for variety of preparations. They can be baked, grilled on the BBQ, broiled, fried, poached, or even steamed. For you East Coast seafood fans, Alaskan Rock fish is very similar to Snapper . . . except that this seafood fare is sustainibly harvested from the clean, cold waters of Alaska!



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