Wild Ocean Large Scallops

$36.95 $29.95 per pound

Scallop Size are u/10 These Scallops are Huge

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These Wild large scallops from are as big, sweet and juicy as any shellfish available. These scallops are wild caught and processed on board the same day they are harvested. Size are u/10.

“Our Premium Select WILD Ocean Scallops are 95% Dry, which means less than 5% moisture has been added to these scallops.

Scallops you find at your local grocery outlet generally will contain 18% moisture.

Our Wild-Caught Scallops Are A Rare Treat.

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Weight 1 lbs / lbs
Dimensions 17 x 8 x 9 in

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  1. ciderdeb (verified owner)

    These scallops were very good. Scallops are my husband’s favorite seafood and I knew I could trust Ed’s to send the best. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary and we had the best dinner!

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