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How to Smoke Salmon >> Smokehouse Plans

A very good smokehouse can be made from an old refrigerator that will still operate. The main benefit is that it can be used to cold smoke or hot smoke. Make sure you use one of the very old ones, that is made from steel inside.

You will have to decide on how to heat the smoker. I have seen the only heat source being a hot plate in the bottom with a cast iron skillet on top of it to hold the sawdust or chips.

You can also use small sheepherder's wood stove off to one side. If you use a wood stove, you must build a stand to raise the refrigerator above the level of the stove. Pipe the stove into the bottom of the refrigerator with a 4” pipe. You will also need an exhaust pipe in the top of the refrigerator.

It is a good idea to add a long stem thermometer on one side by drilling a hole the size of a stem and sealing it with silicone. Another nice feature is an exhaust fan that you can turn on to assist in the drying process.You will need to regulate the temperature with either the hot plate or the wood stove.

For hot smoking, start out with a low temperature and gradually increase to an internal temperature (flesh temperature, not air temperature) of 150 degrees F.

For cold smoking, you must run the refrigeration to keep the air temperature to 80 degrees or less for the duration of the smoking cycle.

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