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Taste of Alaska

A unique variety of wild Alaskan Seafood. An explosion of different flavors only begins to describe this Alaska Seafood combination. Our seafood products are all natural and contain no nitrates or preservatives. Purchase our smoked salmon and Alaska seafood with confidence. We have been preparing only the finest smoked salmon for our customers for the past thirty-three years. So, just sit back and savor the wildness of Alaska in the comfort of your own home.

#2008 (6 lbs.) Contains:

1 lb. Smoked Salmon pate
1 lb. Smoked Salmon
1 lb. Smoked Halibut
1 lb. Fresh-Frozen Salmon
1 lb. Fresh-Frozen Halibut
1 lb. Nova Lox

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Customer Testimonial

Taste of Alaska
Item 2008


$196.95 - (6 lbs.)

Customer Testimonial

We can't get salmon like this in Boston. The Sockeye rocks. I would pay as much for Atlantic salmon out here, which is tasty but not even remotely comparable to the Alaskan wild. Sometimes they inject it with who knows what to make it more pink. That should be illegal. We get the quality Striped Bass though on Cape Cod so it all evens out. Tight lines.

Raynham, MA