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Sport Fish Processing Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of processing services do you offer?


Vacuum Sealed: Bring us your fish in fillet form and we will vacuum seal them for you in usually an hour or less.

Frozen: We will freeze your whole fish, fillets or self packaged fish in a 4-5 hour freeze process.

Vacuum Sealed & Frozen: This is a twelve hour process which requires the fish to be already in fillet form. We will return your product in approximate 1 lb. portions.

Fillet, Vacuum Seal & Frozen: Bring us your fish whole or with head and guts removed and we will fillet it (including portioning in approximate 1 lb. packages) vacuum seal it and freeze it. This is a twelve hour process.

Smoking: Bring your fish to us whole, headed & gutted or in fillets and we will custom smoke your fish. This is a four day process (5 days if shipping). You have a choice of three flavors: Traditional (no seasonings), Lemon Pepper or Cajun Spice (not spicy hot!).

Lox: Bring your fish to us whole, headed and gutted or in fillets and we will custom cold smoke your fish. This is a five day process (6 days if shipping).

Steaked: We can steak fish for you but we DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. The bones from steaked fish have a tendency to puncture the vacuum sealed bags. We will not guarantee any steaked products.

Fresh Pack: We can fillet, vacuum seal and fresh pack your fish for those on their way out of town. Returned to you in approximately 1 hour.

* Call for current pricing on the above processes.


Do I get my own fish back?

Yes. We assign each fish order a number with your name. The tag with your name follows your order through all of the processes and is tracked with our computer system until it comes back to you. Yes we do mess up but on less than 1% of our orders.

What is flash freezing?

I have been asked this question a million times over the years. Flash freezing is a slower (than blast freezing) freezing process that takes approximately 5 hours to complete.

Seafood should be frozen as soon as possible after being caught. However, you can actually ruin some species of fish by freezing it too quickly (to cold) as it bursts the cells in the flesh. You can freeze it too slowly as well. The best temperature is -40 with a -10 core temperature in less than 5 hours. If you take two pieces of fish and clank them together after freezing, they should sound like striking two pieces of glass together.

What is the best thing to do after catching a fish?

The best thing to do after catching a fish is to bleed it by slicing the tail or by pulling a gill out. If you have the capabilities to head and gut it - do it immediately, then ice the fish or lay a wet burlap over the fish to keep it from dehydrating. DO NOT fillet a fish until it has gone through rigor mortis or your fillets will shrink in size and the texture will be tough. The flesh needs the skeleton to keep its size and shape as it goes through rigor mortis. This usually takes up to six to eight hours.


How do I transport my fish home?


You have two options to take your fish home. You can take it with you as luggage or you can ship it home via Fed Ex over night. Taking it home as luggage is the best method if it fits your travel schedule. If you have too many bags, you can mail your luggage home and take your fish as luggage. If you must ship it home, then Fed Ex is going to cost you about $2.00/ lb. We offer shipping services, we only ship Monday-Thursday.


How do I arrange for shipping my fish home?


We can arrange overnight shipping of your fish straight to your door. You will need to purchase a shipping box (we carry this product in our store) Jel ice for smoked shipments (we carry this product in our store) and then provide us with your boxed order. Or we can arrange the shipping of a fish order already in process at our facility. We will need your name, physical address, telephone number and a preferred shipment date (add one day for delivery). Our shipping charge is approximately $2.00 per pound (varies).

Do I need dry ice?

You really don’t need dry ice if your package is not going to be out of refrigeration more than 24-36 hours. It is also reliant on the size of a package. The larger size of packages will stay frozen longer due to the mass. Also, depends on the type of shipping box you are using. We suggest only shipping in a styrofoam insulated box.

What do I do if I catch a fish and I am leaving the same day?

You have two options. You can fillet the fish, vacuum seal it, and add jell ice to keep it cool until you get home to freeze it. Or we can trade you already frozen fresh or smoked salmon and halibut (we can ONLY trade species for species! Absolutely no exceptions).

Can your facility accommodate large parties & keep orders separated?

Yes. When you arrive at our facility make sure we give each person a fish ticket for that day’s catch; the fish will be processed individually.

Can I ship a cooler home on the airlines or Fedex?

Yes. In fact a lot of people bring their clothes up in coolers and then ship their clothes home by the Postal Service and take their coolers home full of fish.

Do you carry the insulated shipping boxes at your store?

Yes. We carry a full line of styrofoam insulated boxes that hold from 10 lbs. to 70 lbs.

What is the maximum weight I can carry back with me on the airlines?

Check with your airline for their current policy. Most airlines allow two pieces of luggage at 50 lbs. each.

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