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Product Frequently Asked Questions

Does my vacuum sealed salmon/seafood need refrigerated?

Yes. It is a common misunderstanding that because an item is vacuum sealed that it does not require refrigeration. All of our products (excluding canned items) require them to be kept in refrigeration or frozen until you are ready to consume them.


How long is my product good for?







Smoked Fish

30 Days - Sealed

1 Year

Fresh Fish

4-5 Days - Sealed

1 Year

Nova Lox

14 Days - Sealed

1 Year

Smoked Salmon Spread

14 Days - Opened

Not recommended

King Crab

2-3 Days

6 Months

Canned Salmon


2-3 Days - Opened




Are Ed's products harvested from Alaska?

Yes. We supply only the finest gourmet quality wild salmon, halibut and seafood from the cold, clear waters of Alaska.

You don't carry the item I need, can you get it for me?

Yes. If you are interested in a product that you don't see currently available on our site then please call us at 1-800-982-2377 and we will be happy to assist you.


Is your salmon and seafood wild?

Yes. We do not carry farmed products. Alaska does not allow farming of fish.


Where can I find the nutrient information for my product?


You can find the nutritional contents for many of our items by clicking on this link: Nutrition Information


Which salmon is highest in Omega 3's?


From highest to lowest omega 3 content the salmon species are:



Are Ed's canned items shelf stable?


Yes. Our canned wild salmon (both smoked and fresh) are shelf stable. They do not require refrigeration until they are opened.


Do any of your products contain phosphates?


No. We do not add phosphates, nitrates or any other chemical to our products. Ed's Salmon is all natural.


Why are there eggs on my spot shrimp/ prawns?

Our shrimp and prawns are harvested from the wild ocean waters off Alaska. The shrimp have eggs because they are female at the time of harvest. Spot prawns/ shrimp are hermaphrodites: a single animal that changes from male to female over the course of its life.


How are my products packaged for shipment?

Your products will be shipped frozen in a styrofoam insulated shipping box that has a white cardboard outer.

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