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How to Fillet a Salmon

What you will need:


A fillet knife
A cutting Board
Water Source
Ice Pick


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After catching your salmon be sure to bleed it and immediately place it on ice. Allow the salmon to go through rigor mortis (up to 8 hours) before attempting to fillet it otherwise the fillets will contract and become tough after filleting.


Step 1

Make an angled cut through the backbone behind the pectoral fin or front fin.


Step 2

Remove the anal fin on the belly side of the fish.


Step 3

Remove the pelvic fin on the belly.


Step 4


Turn the salmon over and remove the adipose fine.


Step 5


Remove the dorsal fin.

Step 6

Make a angle cut behind the pectoral fin and remove the head.

Step 7

Put your knife tip into the anal vent and slice the belly open.

Step 8

Eviscerate the salmon at this time.

Step 9

You don't have to remove the blood line.

Step 10

Find the backbone at the head end of the salmon.

Step 11

Place your knife at a 10 degree angle on top of the backbone and cut towards the tail until fillet comes loose.

Step 12

Turn the salmon over and repeat cutting towards the tail.

Step 13

You now have two fillets with rib bones attached.

Step 14

Secure the fillet with an ice pick and make a one inch deep cut along the rib bones.

Step 15

Now you want to keep upward pressure in the tip of your knife and make a second cut to finish removing the ribs.

Finished Product

This is the finished product. Rinse your fillet, cut it into portions (we suggest about the width of your hand) and vacuum seal and freeze your fish.

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